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Hair transplant prices

The base price for a day of hair transplantation is € 1875 which includes the transplanting of 1500 hairs. The cost of transplanting additional hair, over and above the amount included in our base price, is € 1.25/hair.

Our current special offer:

hair transplant discount rate offer


20% discount (which will give you 1500 hairs for € 1500)




30% more hair (which will give you 1950 hairs for the day treatment base price)


To be eligible for our discount, all you have to do is fill out our data sheet. As an extra bonus you will receive a copy of our study "Facts and myths about hair transplantation".


Pricing for hair transplants at our clinic works as follows:

Each surgery day has a base price in which the transplant of 1500 hairs is included. 1500 hairs is the minimum amount of hair per transplant at our clinic. This is because transplanting less than that will not produce convincing results.
The price of any hair transplanted in addition to the 1500 hairs included in the base price is calculated per hair.
If the process takes more than one day, the price for each surgery day will be calculated using the same pricing method (daily base price + price of extra hair). Our prices are gross prices (including all taxes, etc.) so expect no additional costs.


The base price of a hair transplant is € 1875/day including 1500 hairs. The price of extra hair is € 1.25/hair.


The price of the hair transplant includes the cost of the disposable sterile medical devices we use, the ongoing cleaning and sterilisation of all the equipment of the operating room, the cost of medication (anaesthetics, etc.) used during surgery, the cost of the post-operative package, lunch, the salaries of the whole team and the overhead costs of the clinic. For this reason, we cannot cut the price of hair transplantation below a certain level although we do our best to keep the treatment accessible at the lowest possible price by regularly offering discounts.
Our ultimate goals at the clinic are to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our patients and provide the best value for their money. That's why we calculate our prices by the exact number of hairs implanted. This way our customers pay for exactly as much hair as is transplanted. Hair-based pricing is a better deal for the patient than graft-based pricing. With graft-based pricing, the surgeon is not motivated to look for and extract grafts which contain more hairs (and will provide better coverage and better quality), because the patient pays the same price for all grafts even if they only contain one hair. As a result, the patient may get 1,000 or 4,000 hairs when paying for 1,000 grafts. And this is quite a big difference when it comes to coverage.


Our current discounts

We have a choice of two alternative discounts:

  1. If you choose an across-the-board 20 percent discount, you receive a hair transplant for a very convenient price, which € 1500. This offer is available if you register at our website and apply for a free consultation. This price includes the transplantation of 1500 hairs. Each additional hair (over 1500) will cost € 1/hair.
  2. Our second option gives you 30 percent more hairs. If you choose this option, you will pay our daily base price of € 1875, and receive 1950 hairs instead of 1500 offered for this price without the discount. The price of each additional hair (over and above 1950) costs € 1/hair.


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